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Q) Are you looking for an External Doorset that can meet a complex and diverse combination of Best Practice Guidelines such as Building Regs Part L, Building Regs Part M, & BS8300 (Disabled Persons), and opposing Part B – Fire Safety v Part Q – Security requirements


A product that will allow daily ease of entry for the aged or infirm, reliable for evacuation or entry in emergency situations but will not allow unauthorised entry to the uninvited !!!.

Q) Are you looking for an External Doorset that is reliable, has low maintenance and can offer an extended lifetime of high daily usage without compromise.

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A product that contains standard features to combat “wear and tear” damage, and observed anti social tactics to defeat the door integrity that no other door company offers.

Q) Are you looking for an External Doorset that is aesthetically pleasing and can be adopted into modern New Build Developments or Estate Refurbishments alike.

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A product that has been successfully tested in a variety of styles and designs to offer the optimum solution to meet all Designer’s demands.




SBD Accredited Access Controlled Inward Opening Doors utilising Electromagnetic Locking

Ext View Main Entrance

SBD Accredited Access Controlled Double Doors utilising Electromagnetic Locking

Featherstone Double with wall PAC

NEOS Protect Ltd offer a range of mild or stainless products such as doorsets, windows and glazed screens to afford protection from the threat of Forced Entry, Fire, Ballistic or Blast threat.

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The core business however remains the provision of Secured by Design Accredited Mild Steel Communal Entrances to STS202 BR2 level of Burglary Resistance, designed specifically for multi-occupancy buildings on Mixed Tenure / Social Housing New Build and Regeneration Schemes, Sheltered Accommodation or Education Facilities. These doorsets have been Independently Tested to recommended Standards and available in a range of aesthetically pleasing styles – notably SBD ST202 BR2 Certified Fully Glazed Communal Entrance Doors, which is exceptional within the Marketplace.

To view a more comprehensive selection of completed projects and door styles and design please click on the following link:- A) Common Doors – NEOS Catalogue.


ABOVE Main Entrance Door complete with  Glass Canopy and Secondary Personnel Doorset 

Combined SBD Compliance and BS8300 “Design of buildings  and   their  approaches to meet the needs of disabled peoplerequirements.

The requirement to position the Access Control Panel within 200mm of the opening door edge, often means that this equipment must be positioned within the Entrance Door Side Screen. To achieve full Secured by Design Compliance this must also be protected to prevent manipulation of the wiring to short circuit the locking system for illegal entry.

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The above doorsets includingglazing and access control panel protection are fully compliant to Secured by Design STS202 BR2 Burglary Resistance Level, as recommended in the “SBD  2013 New Homes Guide for Communal Entrances”


We are fully committed in all instances to work with Architects, Designers and End Clients to ensure that not only is the product, a truly “fit for purpose” and appropriate security solution but is also aesthetically pleasing and “user friendly” to further enhance the day to day lives of the end users. As Communal Entrances to multi occupancy dwellings are the first visual sign of the community spirit within, plus indicate the character of the building and surrounding area, it is a very important feature to be considered by Architects and Specifiers alike.

It is critical therefore that not only aesthetically pleasing Entrances are considered but they should also be robust to withstand the high expected usage, probable misuse (unintentional or otherwise), eliminate potential vandalism opportunities, and still maintain a clean appearance during its lifetime – degradation of this focal area can lead to break down of the general feeling originally intended.

NEOS Protect Ltd offers the ultimate combination of security and strength with a very pleasing appearance and practicality in use.


Project:- New Housing Developments by 2No major Housing Groups. A modern look was required to compliment the overall Apartment Block appearance and to give pride of ownership to the new Tenants. Solution:- Protect-AS 2XG / Pattern 10 Door Designs.

In conjunction with the www.safetyletterbox.com we are providing a joint venture to provide solutions to Project Specific requirements where Main Entrances incorporate Letter Box Banks and Access Control Equipment all neatly incorporated into a single product at sole point of design.

ACPO Secured by Design Accredited to STS202 BR2 Burglary Resistance- Fully Glazed Doorset

The large single glazed doorleaf required additional 3rd Party Testing to meet the stringent test criteria to achieve STS202 BR2 Burglary Resistance. This was duly completed to ensure complete compliance and to satisfy all Client / Crime Prevention Design Advisor’s requirements





The Protect-AS, Protect-AP and Protect-ED Range of Doorsets are fully compliant to SBD Homes 2014 Design Guide Communal Doorsets Standards 24.2.1 using electromagnetic locking to STS202 BR2 Standard of Burglary Resistance, however not wishing to remain inactive in our approach to offer a complete “one stop shop” for physical security protection, further Tests are planned in 2016 to take our Certified Product Range to higher levels of performance.

The solid Mild Steel Doorset option tested to Certisecure STS202 is suitable for leisure facilities, schools, universities, and general retail outlets.

Projects:- External Fire Exit Doorsets to Shopping Complex and Utilities Building. 

Our years of experience within the Physical Security Sector are clearly visible on the Protect-AS Range of Doorsets, where numerous unique features are fitted as standard to combat previously encountered anti-social behaviour – a definitive market leading product.

We are confident that no other similar Company can provide a comparable product which also includes this extended range of practical benefits, which ensure total client and user satisfaction.

For added peace of mind we assure all Clients that Survey and Installation are carried out by our own experienced personnel on all occasions.


The knowledge and skill levels at NEOS Protect also allows an organic growth into other sectors to provide higher levels of physical security and the recent enquiries received from as far afield as USA, Middle East and Italy clearly indicate that the demand for our expertise is both tangible and available to us and our intention will be to develop these opportunities as they arise.


NEOS Protect Ltd embrace the core philosophy of “Construction Excellence” Namely:-

  • To be part of an integrated team, which includes the End Client, to agree product design and maintain close working relationships throughout the project phases.
  • To work closely with Allied Trades to ensure total overall job satisfaction and enhanced joint performances
  • Aware that contracts should lead to mutual benefit for all parties and be based upon targets and whole of life cost approach
  • Acknowledge that suppliers should be selected by Best Value and not lowest price – NEOS can buy products at lower prices but would our Client’s be happy at this subsequent reduction in performance levels?
  • Apply performance measurements (KPI’s) to underpin continuous improvement


  • Apart from gaining Secured by Design Accreditation, NEOS Protect Ltd are also Certisecure Accredited to STS202, Constructionline Registered, a member of ADSA (Automatic Door Suppliers Association) plus CHAS demonstrating our commitment to safety and sustainability and providing our valued customers with reassurance that our product matches performance claims.


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