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24/7 Call Out Service


NEOS Protect Ltd recognize the need to offer a fast and reliable service in the event of failure to the Entrance Doors / External Doors to maintain the security and integrity of the building and we are aware of the problems facing maintenance teams when the report comes in – simply advising “ The door is not working”. But what is the problem ??

Therefore apart from our standard product and workmanship guarantee, NEOS “Protection” is extended to cover a 24/7/365 re-active Call Out service for any aspect of External Doors – mechanical, electrical or electronic.

Maintenance Teams often receive notification that “the door is not closing” ………….. however what is the actual problem ?

Main Entrance Doors now have many associated features to make them operate as designed – electromagnetic locking operated by control panels to restrict entry, automatic door operators to  assist entry / exit from the building. So when the door fails operating properly is it actually the door OR the access control system OR the door operator OR a combination of all three !!!!

Often this becomes an expensive operation to remedy by sending out the wrong engineers to simply report back “Not our problem, it is the fault of others” and so a second call out charge is incurred and further visits to repair. The problem could be a combination of error and therefore a joint visit by various engineers needs to be co-ordinated.

Compounded with the delay in securing the building, the loss of trust by the tenants, the resolution of a report advising that “The door is not working” can be a costly and damaging situation for all those involved.

NEOS “Protection” Service provides the perfect solution…………….

Our 24/7 Call Out service takes away these worries, our engineers are trained to identify and repair any aspect of door failure, whether mechanical, electrical or electronic. They will either, repair first time upon visit or alternatively identify the fault, establish replacement part costs and upon agreement will return and repair.

One phone call, one company, one outcome – total satisfaction !!