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Aged Persons / Sheltered Accomodations Units

Aged Persons / Sheltered Accomodations Units

NEOS Protect-ED 

NEOS Protect Ltd specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of secure mild steel / stainless steel fabricated doorsets to suit Client’s project specific requirements.

As Communal Entrances to Sheltered Housing and Aged Persons Units should be of a robust nature to withstand daily usage and potential collision damage from wheelchairs, mobility scooters etc they must also be very “User Friendly” due to the frailties of the tenants involved.


The NEOS ED Range of Steel Communal Entrance Doors and Screens are manufactured to incorporate all the latest DDA requirements and enhanced features such as automatic opening and “break out” facilities for mass evacuation

Coupled with a greatly extended lifespan over many similar products on the market, and minimal on-going maintenance costs to the end client over this expected duration of minimum 15- 20 years – (Lifetime Warranties are available upon request) helps make the NEOS Door a significantly attractive and popular choice.


  • NEOS Protect-ED Doors are designed for use by Elderly or Disabled Persons / Sheltered Accommodation / Hospitals etc.
  • Manufactured to Secured by Design Standards
  • Automatic opening to assist wheelchair / mobility scooter access
  • DDA Compliant
  • Low threshold
  • Robust design to protect against accidental wheelchair / mobility scooter / stretcher damage


The above illustrations indicate only examples of designs and functionality. Each individual project will incorporate the best “fit for purpose” design to accommodate specific end client needs.


NEOS Protect Ltd offer a free Survey and Design service.

Drawings can be provided for Planning Applications where required.