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Educational Facilities

Educational facilities

NEOS Protect-US

ACPO “Secured by Design” – New Schools Guideline 2014 – advises new performance Standards for External Doorsets – Clause 63 External doorset apertures

63.1 It is important that the doorset aperture is protected. Due to the nature of educational establishments and locations there is an expectation that the security will be required to meet one of the following minimum standards when the building is unoccupied:

 ● LPS 1175 Issue 7 SR2 ●  or STS 202 BR2 

The NEOS-US Range of Steel Communal Entrance Doors and Screens are manufactured to meet the above and differing demands of Educational Facilities – ease of use during open hours, monitored controlled entry to deter undesirable persons, “break out” facility for mass evacuations yet a robust and high secure construction to handle the expected high footfall and usage and critically protect against intruder / arsonist attacks

Coupled with a greatly extended lifespan over many similar products on the market, and coupled with minimal on-going maintenance costs to the end client over this expected duration of minimum 15- 20 years – (Full “Lifetime” Warranties can be provided upon request) this helps make the NEOS Door a significantly attractive and popular choice.


  • The NEOS Protect-US Doors are designed for Universities and Schools to Secured by Design Standards
  • Fully automatic opening with safety radar functions
  • A robust door designed to deter intruders but free opening for children during school hours
  • High usage and general daily wear and tear
  • Anti-finger nip design.
  • High Secure overnight locking
  • Panic release for mass emergency egress


The above illustrations indicate only examples of designs and functionality. Each individual project will incorporate the best “fit for purpose” design to accommodate specific end client needs.

NEOS Protect Ltd offer a free Survey and Design service.

Drawings can be provided for Planning Applications where required.