And so an eventful year comes to an end………………

2005 has proved to be an eventful year yet again for NEOS Protect Ltd.

Following the growth of the company with an increasing range of End Clients specifying the NEOS Protect-AS Doorset on their projects, the search for larger premises began in earnest and after looking far and wide for a suitable sized factory unit, – ultimately we moved 20 yards “across the street” from Unit J to Unit C3 !!!.

The new factory has doubled the manufacturing workspace to over 5000 sq.ft with the added advantage of a separate integrated powder coated plant and quarantine assembly area to further enhance the service we can provide to our customers.

On the new product front, we took the challenge that the incoming Building Regs Part Q – Security – was going to throw up for Specifiers, Architects etc. This new Approved Document was giving significant onus on Secured by Design Approved products to be used on all new developments and at a similar status to Approved Document B – Fire Safety – which would need Building Control “sign off”. The age old conflict between Safety v Security was now to be truly tested.

At NEOS we recognised this dilemma and during September we launched a product that would meet both requirements. The new NEOS Protect–ER Fully Glazed Doorset offers up to 60/0 fire resistant performance, it is designed for access control incorporating electromagnetic locking and fully tested to STS202 BR2 level of burglary resistance.  The perfect solution for internal compartmentalisation of large apartment blocks to restrict access to differing zones and prevent anti-social activity.

Once again NEOS have put themselves at the forefront of the marketplace and driving standards upwards to meet the ever demanding requirements laid down to meet all current or incoming “best practices”. A position we value and intend to retain as we develop more solutions to problems as they arise.

Another area we have been proactive is due to the increased use of automatic door operation which has created its own problems in “real life” situations as the good intention of these units has given rise to serious problems with tailgating entry by undesirables. However in subsequent project reviews, we have been able to identify the problem before it arises and offered the solution from the outset. This has resulted in considerable inconvenience and money being saved by the End Clients.

Sponsored Football TopFinally to say thanks to some of our various Clients this year NEOS Protect have been pro-active in 2015 sponsoring their good causes – sets of footballs to one Client’s local U12 football team, sponsorship of two different Housing Association’s Charity Walks / Runs and the further issue of a full set of football strips to a Housing Group’s local Resident’s Association. We appreciate these opportunities to be able to put something back into the communities we work in and hope is some way help develop the community spirit that our End Clients are trying to inspire.


The “NEOS Door” is becoming the byword for……………..

2014 was yet another milestone year for NEOS Protect Ltd.

Further R&D testing increased our range of Secured by Design Accredited Mild Steel doors to include ground breaking Inward Opening mode Doorsets secured via electromagnetic locking, plus further successfully tested options of double doorsets and /or louvred doors. No other UK Door Company can meet these stringent operational demands.

Amongst our more impressive projects this year, were the completion of projects to English Heritage sites such as the iconic Byker Wall, Newcastle upon Tyne which has achieved amongst other awards, Grade 2 Star Listed Building status plus listed with UNESCO as an outstanding 20th Century Building and a further English Heritage Historic Properties refurbishment project on the George Stephenson designed  “Bowes Railway”- which is the only cable hauled railway line still in operation in the UK, providing mild steel doors designed to replicate timber “tongue and grooved” style and sympathetically installed to compliment the surrounding environments on both sensitive sites.

Similar projects for a London Borough and a Housing Association in Portsmouth providing radiused / arched Entrance Doors have shown the flexibility in design and manufacturing skills that NEOS can offer to meet all aspects of varying project demands.

Major projects this year involved numerous New Build Housing Developments mainly throughout London and the South East for many new Housing Group and Major Contractor organizations. This extended Client base and natural growth through our existing Clients on Refurb / Security Upgrade Schemes has led to a planned move in early 2015 to a new production unit offering double manufacturing floor-space and an integrated powder coating paint facility. We have increased our workforce labour with further experienced skilled Tradesmen to meet the increasing demands for our products, which is becoming commonly referred to, as simply – “The NEOS Door”

This term is becoming the byword for a quality, reliable and efficient doorset and we acknowledge this respectful description as a sign of appreciation that our products offer more than other options available and is the benchmark for others to try and attain.

We are looking forward to 2015 with great excitement

October Newsletter SBD Update


To see a copy of our October Newsletter please click on the following link:-

Newsletter October 2014 SBD Update

Yet another Secured by Design 1st………………..

Following further testing with Certisecure NEOS Protect Ltd successfully achieved STS202 BR2 Burglary Resistance level for a Double Doorset secured on Electromagnetic locking. Previously, to achieve full SBD Compliance for these door types, there was a need to change to s Single Doorset with a Fixed Sidepanel. This was acceptable in many instances but often due to Planning Approvals etc it was difficult to change the design and a compromise solution was needed to be reached with the Crime Prevention Design Advisor.

This is no longer the case and a fully compliant double door can now be installed to satisfy everyone’s demands.Featherstone Double with wall PAC

SBD Accreditation reaches a new high …………………….

NEOS Protect are pleased to announce that we have become the first UK Company to achieve SBD Accreditation for an INWARD Opening Access Controlled Doorset using Electromagnetic Locking to STS202 BR2 Level of Burglary Resistance.

This is a fantastic achievement which puts NEOS Protect Ltd at the forefront of this sector, as the leading provider of the widest range of Communal Entrance Door styles and designs to meet almost all Client’s requirements and fully SBD Accredited

Other achievements to meet the current SBD Guidelines over the last months have also included:-

  • Full height glazed Entrance Doors for use on New Mixed Tenure Housing Developments.
  • Integrated Door Entry Panels provided by a selection of major Access Control Manufacturers, also tested to STS202 BR2 level to prevent illegal entry by wire manipulation. (BS8300 requires the Door Entry Panel to be within 200mm of the leading door edge and this additional test is a pre-requisite to meet all current Best Practice requirement.)
  • Similar protection to the Fireman’s Switch
We however do not intend to rest here and further tests are planned in the coming months to even further extend our range of  doorsets to cater for all usages and demands – Housing, Education and Commercial.
Watch this space……………………………………

2012 Ends on a flourish…………..

As 2012 started with major Awards so did the final 3 months end with Contract Awards in excess of £1/2M. However the most significant aspect of these successes, is the fact that 4No major contracts are included within the above and these are only Phase One Awards – the anticipated Final Value for these projects is currently estimated to double this figure to £1M and assure a healthy Order Book into the Summer months.

This has allowed NEOS Protect Ltd to yet again increase the workforce with confidence that the future workload looks both consistent and healthy for 2013

Secured by Design update………….

Following the earlier Secured by Design Accreditation to our range of doorsets, we were aware that many New Build Housing Developments wished to move away from the traditional “Portcullis” door style of Main Entrances and the generally used medium of polycarbonate to deter intruders. As the current SbD recommeded Standard for Communal Entrances – STS202 BR2 -involves a concerted and robust physical attack on the glazing using a selection of handtools, such as hammers and screwdrivers the challenge was to provide a cost effective solution to meet both the Designers requirements (maximum glass) and Crime Prevention Officer’s considerations (minimum glass).  NEOS Protect Ltd therefore, using their experience in high security projects, provided three test samples of “all glass” options – all three successfully achieved STS202 BR2 Burglary Resistance Rating. The result is that NEOS Protect Ltd can provide full SbD compliant Entrance Doors and Screens with full height glazing (with or without midrails) to meet both Designer’s and CPO’s  commitments.

Further Tests are planned for later this year to push forward our development of physcial security doorsets and glazed screens to meet Market demands.

Spring leaves fall on London Estate…………………

We realise the importance of working with our Clients to try and give a total and comprehensive service. Quite often our works are “pigeonholed” and subsequently when other Trades bring their products to site, either something has been overlooked at Design / Procurement Stage to make the combined product not quite as planned. NEOS Protect Ltd already take up the mantle to work and liaise directly with Access Control Companies working on our projects by contact to offer a free service, to  ensure their equipment and access routes etc are factory prepared and give a professional neat finish which assists everyone.

We have extended this to two further associated Companies – The Safety Letter Box Company – provider of SbD Letterbox Banks for Multi Occupancy Dwellings and often installed to the Main Entrance Door / Sidescreen. This again ensures a professional installation with all adaptions carried out within our works, to ensure compatibility of products etc. The recent successes to a number of schemes has seen this relationship develop as the mutual benefits to not only ourselves, but also critically to the End Client, gives both Companies increased job satisfaction to see ” a job done well” 

The other “partner” resulted from an award by a London Council attempting to “smarten up” a Housing Estate and wished to bring a “piece of the country” to inner London. In conjunction with MJ Group, London – a creative imaging company providing innovative creative displays and enviromental graphics NEOS Protect Ltd provided just under 200 lineal metres of screen printed perforated screens displaying a leafy backdrop to a Housing Estate perimeter fencing. Initial teething problems were sorted out between both Companies working togther and before mass manufacture to ensure not only an aesthetic appearance but the prep work was fully compatible for long term performance.

The finished installation was well received by the Tenants involved and gave them an increased sense of ownership in the Estate – exactly as the Client intended.     

Together, with MJ Group Ltd our aim is to provide a range of alternative visual designs to Housing Architects, Designers and Specifiers for consideration on Urban Regeneration Schemes.

New Year – New Clients, Old Values

2012 started with a major boost to the New Year with 3No significant Awards totalling in excess of £200,000 within the first week !!.

Following guidance from ACPO Secured by Design, the UK’s 2nd largest Housebuilder awarded NEOS Protect the installation of a number of access controlled Entry Doors to a prestigious New Build Development in West London. Timescale: Installation of Phase One is due in February with a subsequent Phase to follow in the summer. The early signs indicate that this may become a long standing business relationship with further potential opportunities already discussed.

A further new Client, an Essex based Access Control Company chose NEOS Protect Ltd to be part of a “Joint Venture” to meet the requirements of the Local Housing Company’s Capital Expenditure for Housing Improvements and  Security Upgrade Programme. The current project entails the installation of secure Access Control Systems and SbD Entrances to 12No Housing Blocks. Timescale – March 2012 completion.

A further smaller award, but significantly yet another well established Access Control Company, has also selected NEOS Protect to work with them on the initial trial Block prior to the upgrade of all Main Entrances to a very large South London housing estate for a leading London G15 Housing Association. Timescale; The trial site is due for installation and commissioning in February with the “roll out” likely to take place in the coming months.

It is anticipated that these will all develop into further Regional “Strategic Alliances” between specialist sub contractors operating within the housing sector. The mutual benefits of working closely with these companies also extends to a much improved service to the End Client due to familarity and awareness of each others needs and willingness to work together as a team – a Win-Win situation all round.

An example of this desire to work closely with Allied Trades saw the 3rd major award, this time in South London, for a mutually established Housing Association Client requiring the fast track installation of a series of Communal Entrances as part of a significant Estate Regeneration Programme. Timescale:- Works planned for completion early March 2012.
These works are the result of a long standing and very close working relationship with a major London Access Control Company whose preference to work with  NEOS Protect Ltd based upon our products, performances and willingness to support, has led to many schemes being undertaken in harmony with further significant projects in the pipeline during 2012 .

This month, more tham any, has clearly shown the importance of working closely with our fellow Trades to allow us all to perform well and the rewards that this stimulates. The benefits to the End Client cannot be underestimated and with repeat business a likely scenario, and we are pleased to be part of a growing “family” of specialist access control / door sub contractors working as a team to deliver an efficient and effective service to the respective Clients.





Alliance award……………

December 2011

NEOS Protect Ltd received the significant award to complete the installation of Communal Entrances to SbD Standards on a Borough wide programme for a major London Authority Housing Company. The works are part of a “housing alliance” agreement between the Authority, Main Contractors and Specialist Sub Contractors working together to bring maximum value for money and enhanced performance levels to the End Client.

NEOS Protect Ltd were confirmed as part of this Alliance in September

  Example Entrance installed January 2012