Bullet Resistance

NEOS Protect-AT

NEOS Protect-AT Doors are designed to protect against Armed Threat from organized crime attacks on financial institutions through to military protection against terrorist attack.

Project specific testing and Certification can be carried out at Wiltshire Ballistics to assure Clients of performance and capabilities.

NEOS Proect-AT products offer bullet resistant protection in full accordance with:

  •  EN1522 – Windows Doors and Shutters – Bullet Resistance – Requirements and Classification
  • EN1523 – Windows Doors and Shutters – Bullet Resistance – Test Method
  • BSEN1063 – Glass in Buildings- Bullet Resistance – Testing and Classifications
  • ISO16935 – Glass in Buildings – Bullet Resistant Security Glazing – Test and Classification



  • The NEOS Protect-AT Doorsets are designed to combat the threat of ballistic attack from shotgun (the preferred weapon of choice for Bank Robbers) through to high velocity armour piercing rounds from AK47 or similar
  • The Protect-AT Door can be fabricated to receive any locking arrangement to meet Corporate or Sensitive demands.
  • Bullet Resistant to BSEN1522/1523 – see guide to correlation of ballistic standards below.


  • Designed to meet the same level of protection as the Protect-AT Doorset to ensure the secure area becomes a total protected zone.
  • Glazing can be “all glass” or “glass/polycarbonate” construction to meet the required levels of protection.
  • Clear, Tinted or Obscure Glazing choices
  • Internal or External applications


BSEN BR6 Military Bullet Resistant Control Room Door and Observation Windows

    The main International Ballistic Standards are:-

  • CEN1522 – FB – Non glass products
  • CEN1063 – BR – Glass products
  • NIJ (0108.01)– National Institute of Justice – USA
  • UL 752 – Underwriters Laboratory – USA
  • DIN (52290) – German Standard 


Guide to Correlation of Ballistic Standards


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