Certified Automatic Opening Vents (AOV)

Certified Automatic Opening Vents (AOV)

NEOS Protect Doors have a certified door solution for smoke ventilation. The standard NEOS Hi door is fitted with a SE controls SECO Ni Folding Arm Actuator to provide precise and reliable operation of doors for smoke ventilation applications. The actuator is activated when it receives a signal from a fire and smoke management system.

The system provides the following features.

  • Tested to smoke vent standard EN12101-2:2017 for doors opening out to a podium or stair access.
  • The AOV door can also operate as a controlled entry door or exit door under normal conditions.
  • VFC to magnetic locking on doors.
  • Certified to the Secured by Design enhanced standard for communal entrances, STS202 BR2.
  • Tested also for frequency of use within standard.
  • Robust and compact design of actuator.
  • Doors can be fully glazed, opaque metal panel, or vision panel.
  • Operating speed 15mm/sec.
  • Voltage: 24dc. Current draw 1.0A.

AOV actuator

Annex G test of the EN12101 -2 standard. (Heat Test)

In the resistance to heat test, the AOV is mounted on a test furnace that is heated from room temperature to 300°C within 5 minutes. After this heating-up phase the AOV is actuated and must be driven to the fully open smoke vent position within 60 seconds. The AOV must remain in position for a further 25 minutes.