Fire-cool fire door system

Fire-cool fire door system

The FireCool system is the fire rated version of the Neos HI door system. Certification is approved by the Certifire Scheme, from Warrington Fire.

Essentially the systems are identical with the difference being that the FireCool doors are fitted with fire rated glass, and have exothermic intumescent seals around the perimeter of the door and around the glazing pocket.

Extensive fire testing has been carried out on the system to include for various configurations and design options.

The doors provide fire protection and fire insulation, this means that they not only prevent the flames from spreading but they also prevent radiant heat from causing fire spread and allow for escape in front of the door that is holding back a fire.

The fire rating of the FireCool system is EI60. This means 60 minutes fire integrity and 60 minutes fire insulation.

The designs available are fully glazed doors, solid panel doors and solid doors with vison panels. Doors with fire grilles are also tested, along with side screens an over-panels. Single and double doors are included and doors which open towards the fire or away from the fire are both covered.
Essentially the doors are tested in the unlatched condition, this means that we can use locking and ironmongery previously tested and covered by the Certifire scheme.
The FireCool system also has Dual Certification which means that the doors are certified for both Fire and Security. The Secured by Design scheme requires that entrance doors which need to be both fire resistant and security rated to LPS 1175 SR2 or STS202 BR2 should have dual certification from the same certifying body. The Certifire and Certisecure schemes are run by Warrington Fire, and they ensure that the same door system is proven under both criteria.

Maximum sizes
For single doors the maximum dimension of the overall frame is 1350mm wide x 2500mm high.
For Double doors the maximum dimension of the overall frame is 2595mm wide x 2750mm high.


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