Weather performance

Weather performance

NEOS HI and FireCool door systems have been tested to BS 6375-1: 2015 for Weather Performance at Elements Materials Technology.

The performance is as follows.

Clause No. Description Classification
4 Exposure category and classificaion 800X
6 Test for air permeability (to EN1026) CLASS 4
7 Test for waterlightness (to EN1027) CLASS 2A
8 Test for resistance to wind (to EN12211) CLASS C3

Our NEOS Door system has achieved the following Weather Performance Classifications:

  • Air Permeability = Class 4 (600 Pa)
  • Watertightness. C2A (50Pa) Evidence for C9A is available for special thresh details.
  • Wind Resistance. C3 (1200 Pa, and 1800 Pa safety)
  • Our NEOS Door system has achieved the following BS6375- 2 + BS6375-3 for Operation, Durability, and Closure against object.
BS6375-2 Clause Description Compliance
6.1 UK Category of Duty – Medium YES
6.2 Operating forces – Class 1 YES
6.3 Mechanical strength – Class 2 YES
6.3.1 Vertical load – Class 2 YES
6.3.2 Static torsion – Class 2 YES
6.3.3 Soft and heavy body impact – Class 2 YES
6.3.4 Hard body impact – Class 2 YES
6.4 Load bearing capacityof safety devices – 350N N/A
6.5 Resistance to repeated opening and closing – Class 4 YES
BS6375-3 Clause Description Compliance
Annex A Basic security YES
Annex C Closure against obstruction YES