NEOS Steel doors are more robust and sturdier than aluminium or timber doors, so it is possible to have extra wide and extra high doors.

Consideration should be given to the effect of the wind on large door leaves, and of the ability of the door closer to function properly on oversized doors. The NEOS solution is to add a Power Assisted Door operator to the doorset, to enable the smooth operation of the doorset under abnormal conditions.
For Secured by Design certification (STS 202 BR2) the maximum heights and widths are dependent on previous testing.

The following is a list of maximum dimensions for different configurations:
Single Doors: Permitted Frame Dimensions = 1650mm wide x 3000mm high.
Double Doors: Permitted Frame Dimensions = 2600mm wide x 3000mm high.
Certification is also available for doors up to a height of 3300mm for certain applications.

Side screens and over-panels can be added to these dimensions.


Max Sizes Certisecure document pdf icon